Women Win




Despite popular belief, even when it Rains, God Still Reigns. Every Vision, Every Dream, Every Purpose, and Every Promise Given by GOD SHALL COME TO PASS~ EVEN IN THIS SEASON!

Journey with 17 POWERHOUSE Queens from around the Globe as they lovingly share wisdom, insight, and the precise Keys You Need to Succeed in Any Season!

Get Ready to SOAR with Women Win: Against All ODDS! This international best selling book will change your life!!! Ms. Anita teaches on the process of winning against all odds.

*Our CoAuthors/businesses/books have been featured in New York Times, TMZ, ABC, NBC, CBC, FOXnews, Rolling Out Magazine, Sheen Magazine, The Boston Herald, Digital Journal, People, Cosmo Magazine, BET, iHeart Radio and many more!

Rhonda Anita partnered with 17 dynamite Royal Court & Queen in Co-Authoring this amazing masterpiece including Min. Nakita Davis (Visionary/ CEO & Founder of Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC.


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