The ReBirth

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August 16, 2019



Pain will always exist but so will healing. The Rebirth is one of many tools that encourages healing the human spirit by equipping you to create your own reality of wholeness through self-awareness, self-love, confidence and forgiveness. The Rebirth touches all areas of your life.

This book will go deep to uproot many pre-programmed thoughts, patterns, generational paradigms and beliefs that many of us have adopted about ourselves.  You may find it uncomfortable or awkward to re-program your thinking and replace negative self-thoughts with new beliefs and ideas.

Let’s be honest.  The pain you’re experiencing has been present for some time now. Healing it will cause some resistance. However, if you start the journey, you will heal that pain body and redefine the life God intended for you to live – a life of love, first for yourself then others, and a healthy mindset about the very things that needed healing in the first place. Our tribulations cause us to seek a greater revelation of pain and position us for all that God has in store for us.

We work on all sorts of projects and yet, working on ourselves is the last thing to get a face lift.

 Your time is NOW! Go after your very own Rebirth redefined as: •Releasing •Every •Burden •Into a •Revelation that •Transcends •Hurt.

 Living a life beyond hurt and pain and embracing abundance. It’s time to live your BEST LIFE!!

Don’t Spill the Tea

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Don't Spill The Tea Inspirational Book


The startling revelation of Anita’s transition from a woman of the night to an ordained minister, business mogul and champion of victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse coupled with meaningful strategies to heal and be free make Don’t Spill the Tea a must read for inspiration, power and a heartfelt journey towards love.

Finally, after nearly 20 years Don’t Spill the Tea is finally here. This is the story of Rhonda Anita formally (Rhonda A. Thompson’s) journey from abuse to abundance.  What makes this book different is not only does the reading learn of one women story but it also explains the journey of generational hurts past down to the next generation. Don’t Spill the Tea provides information and education in the form of a self help guide to not only over coming abuse but it is a road map to restoring many levels of forgiveness. Rhonda Anita states that if she could explain the book in one word it would be “Redemption”

This book is inspirational with personalized quotes from the author as well as providing biblical principals that will motivate and uplift its readers. The author includes some original poetry  that empowers her fans and those that are suffering from hurt, low self esteem and abuse of any kind.

Don’t Spill the Tea… I say spill it and be free…

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Don't Spill the Tea Survivor Book